provides for non-profit, government, and private landowners an engaging and integrated planning process and a blueprint for superior harmonious stewardship of natural resources.

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Whether you’re a private landowner, a non-profit organization, or a government agency, Helia Environmental can provide you with the environmental insight, knowledge, and support for your specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to serve you through:

  • » Management Planning
  • » Forestry (NC Registered Forester #1711)
  • » Present-Use Value Assistance for landowners
  • » Forest Stewardship Plan Writing (official NC FSP writer)
  • » Property Assessments for Ecological and Forest Values
  • » Implementation of Stewardship Plans
  • » Facilitation of Planning and Public Involvement
  • » Project Management
  • » GPS and GIS Mapping
  • » Rare Species Surveys
  • » Invasive Species Surveys
  • » Conservation Value Surveys
  • » Conservation Easement Monitoring and Baseline Documentation
  • » Habitat and Species Monitoring
  • » Rare Species Recovery
  • » Ecological Assessments
  • » Natural Community Mapping
  • » Grant Writing and Applications
  • » Sustainability Assessment and Design
  • » Permitting
  • » Photography
  • » Video Production and Editing

For all projects, Helia Environmental will provide high-quality reports with highly accurate and useful maps, easy-to-read yet informative and relevant information. Helia Environmental believes that reports should be concise while also providing useful supplemental materials.

Let Heila Environmental enhance your projects with award-winning video production and editing, digital photography, presentations, and other multi-media products.

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Lloyd’s video work has been very useful for us to communicate to people about our projects and help them understand the vision of ‘The Real Shangri-la’ that we are striving towards. His work on that video impressed me with his knowledge, skills, patience and persistence, and the clarity of his own vision.

Liu Yunhua
Shangri-la Institute for Sustainable Communities
Shangri-la, Yunnan, China