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Helia Environmental's Mission:

provides for non-profit, government, and private landowners an engaging and integrated planning process and a blueprint for superior harmonious stewardship of natural resources.

At Helia Environmental, we care about the environment and people. We implement our mission in three core areas: planning, research, and stewardship. We also offer outreach and education services. Our name comes from the Greek word for the sun and the genera of plants Helianthus (sunflowers) and Helianthemum (sun roses). Our Sunflower logo symbolizes the interconnection between the sun and nature, as well as a natural sense of pattern, balance, and efficiency. Like the sunflowers, Helia Environmental strives for balance, interconnectedness, and efficiency.

Helia Environmental strives for:

  • » Superior customer service
  • » Healthy respect for all humans, animals, plants, ecosystems, and life in general
  • » Clear understanding of complex management and stewardship choices involving living beings
  • » Equal and balanced commitment to the natural world, clients, stakeholders, and other voices
  • » Firm resolve to improve our relationship with nature
  • » Rich knowledge that humans are a fundamental part of nature and its dynamics