provides for non-profit, government, and private landowners an engaging and integrated planning process and a blueprint for superior harmonious stewardship of natural resources.


Stewardship actively integrates people with their environment, ultimately benefitting both the environment and humans. This action is the ultimate function of land management. Examples of stewardship experience include:

  • » Restoring rare habitats with a wide variety of partners including The Nature Conservancy, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and AmeriCorps
  • » Working with local villages and monasteries in Tibet to protect Yunnan Golden Monkey habitat and create sustainable communities
  • » Protecting the federally-threatened Piping Plover on 20 miles of barrier beach breeding habitat
  • » Actively working with recovery teams on other federal- and state-endangered species
  • » Restoring wetland habitats
  • » Engaging urban residents to transform their neighborhoods, parks, and open space in Baltimore and New Haven for Urban Resources Initiative

Helia Environmental will provide consultations for strategies to protect and restore landscapes, habitats, species, and the human environment.

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