provides for non-profit, government, and private landowners an engaging and integrated planning process and a blueprint for superior harmonious stewardship of natural resources.


Research forms the foundational basis for sound decision-making. Helia Environmental has extensive experience designing and conducting property inventories, field censuses, and long-term ecological monitoring of flora and fauna populations as well as the human dimension. Studies focused on populations, communities, ecosystems, and landscapes. This multi-tiered research approach ensures that all levels of analysis are integrated and incorporated into planning. Examples of research experience include:

  • » Long-term flora and fauna monitoring of globally rare sandplain habitats
  • » Holistic studies of rare coastal salt ponds and remnant primary forests
  • » Briefing document on Internationally-important RAMSAR wetlands
  • » Documentation for conservation easements or restrictions
  • » Needs assessments for diverse communities and neighborhoods
  • » Land-use histories of areas ranging from wildlife refuges to urban areas for ecosystem restoration, environmental education, and environmental justice needs
  • » User-group surveys for stakeholder and economic analyses

Helia Environmental will customize design, and implement research projects suited to your exact needs.

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